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  • Magical Eggs

    With Easter coming soon, let’s prepare some Easter eggs! It’s not very challenging to simply paint them, so how about we look at making eggs in a scientific way? In this workshop, Dr Au-Yeung Ho Yu, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry in the University of Hong Kong, introduces the scientific principles behind the magical transformations involving eggs. Join the investigation and take home your very own Easter eggs!
    Dr Ho Yu Au-Yeung
    Laboratory, Hong Kong Science Museum
    Suitable For
    Kids (aged 9-12) and parents
    Date & Time
    04.04 Sat 13.00 - 14.30 16.00 - 17.30
    • Workshops are cancelled due to the Novel coronavirus outbreak (updated on 7 February 2020)
    • Conducted in Cantonese
    • Suitable for kids (aged 9-12) and parents
    • Each kid must be accompanied by only one adult to participate in the workshop
    • Each session has 40 seats for 20 kids and 20 adults
    • Registration starts one hour before the workshop outside the laboratory on a first come, first served basis