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  • What’s it Like Being a Scientist?

    You will meet scientists who will re-enact one of the greatest scientific experiments of all time - Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment. They will let you in on what it feels like to be a scientist doing cutting-edge research in modern day, and will lead the entire audience in a scientific experiment that everyone can do!
  • Super Science!

    In a fun-filled show, packed with facts and stats, the Ministry of Science team will demonstrate a raft of cool experiments, including how chemicals react in surprising ways, some “shocking” results from physics, and a chance to discover just how cold liquid nitrogen really is!
  • Science Circus

    Audiences will giggle as juggler Rhys Thomas tries to outwit gravity with a bowling ball and a feather, marvel as he turns a sphere into a gyroscope that keeps stable on a kid’s finger, and laugh as he tries to balance on a tall unicycle, does cowboy rope tricks and daringly risks his mum’s plates in a throw-down with inertia!