Croucher Foundation

The Croucher Foundation is an independent private foundation established by the late Noel Croucher in 1979 to promote the standard of the natural sciences, technology and medicine in Hong Kong.The work of the Foundation is organised into five broad areas, they are: scholarships and fellowships for promising young Hong Kong scientists and medical doctors to pursue research overseas; research fellowships to enable scientists in Hong Kong to pursue their intellectual inclinations; and to engage in bold new work, conferences, workshops and collaborative research to facilitate the exchange of ideas between Hong Kong scientists and their counterparts overseas; demonstration lectures to promote a wider understanding of science among Hong Kong school students and undergraduate students; and support for any undergraduate student in Hong Kong experiencing sudden financial difficulty.


The HKSAR Education Bureau

The Education Bureau aims to nurture future generation to become citizens who are socially responsible and equipped with a sense of national identity and possess international’s perspectives, and love for Hong Kong. The Bureau helps to create stable, caring, inspiring and satisfying learning and teaching environments for students, parents and teachers. The Bureau hopes that by providing different learning opportunities, it could allow students at various levels identify their strengths and interests, making continuous self-improvement, and become intellectually capable and morally responsible members of our society.

Leisure and Cultural Services Department

The Leisure and Cultural Services Department is a department in the Government of Hong Kong. It reports to the Home Affairs Bureau. Hong Kong Science Museum is one of the museums that is managed by the Department.

Hong Kong Science Museum

The Hong Kong Science Museum which is under the management of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department has proven itself to be an ideal and unique place for learning science. Through presenting quality exhibitions and fun science programmes in an enjoyable environment, the Museum serves to popularise science to the public and support science education in schools. In contrast to traditional museums, visitors at the Science Museum are encouraged to explore exhibits in their own way and thus experience the fun of discovery learning.