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Anturus Education, from the UK, bring the science of the outdoors into the classroom. With interactive science shows and workshops, hands-on resources and Skype calls from the field, Anturus show the wonder of the natural world through engaging and thought-provoking experiences for all. The Anturus team are experienced in the outdoors, science and film. Together, they make educational films and content that can be used in the classroom or just for science enthusiasts.

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Australian Museum

Australian Museum

The Australian Museum, founded in 1827, is the nation’s first museum, and is an internationally recognised natural science and culture institution focused on Australia and the Pacific. As custodian of more than 18 million objects, the museum is uniquely positioned to provide a greater understanding of the region through its scientific research, exhibitions and public and education programs. Through the Australian Museum Research Institute, the museum also has a leading role in conserving Australia’s biodiversity, by helping to understand the environmental impacts of climate change, potential biosecurity threats and invasive species.

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Science Circus with Rhys Thomas

While paying off his college loans as a street performer in rainy Northwestern America, Rhys Thomas created Science Circus to get an indoor gig at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center. This led to a career performing in museums and schools in eight countries. He’s particularly proud of juggling in a 4,000-year-old Egyptian tomb alongside paintings of ancient jugglers, serving as Artist in Residence at The Smithsonian Institution, and teaching ball spinning to the Nobel laureate who discovered the background radiation of the Big Bang.

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The Ministry of Science

The Ministry of Science Group is one of the UK’s leading science communication specialists. In a live experience like no other, this dynamic team gets young audiences excited about the possibilities of Science, Engineering and Invention. The group performs at theatres, festivals, cruise ships and schools, as well engaging both school and family audiences on an annual tour of some of the UK’s largest theatres. The Ministry of Science also travels the world to share their endless supply of science fun, surprises and powerful learning experiences for young people!

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The Science Museum Group

The Science Museum Group is based in the UK and includes the Science Museum in London, the Science and Media Museum in Bradford, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the Railway Museum in York, and Locomotion, near Durham. With over 5 million visitors each year, including half a million in education groups, the group has a wealth of experience in engaging diverse audiences and igniting their curiosity in science. Through iconic objects, interactive exhibits, and especially a practical, relevant approach to learning, educators from the five museums inspire audiences to appreciate the creativity and wonder of science. The Science Museum Group recently launched a new initiative to support STEM professionals – the Science Museum Group Academy. This offers inspirational, research-rich training and resources for teachers, museum professionals and others working to engage students and the public in science and technology.

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