Croucher Science Week 2019 is coming!
31 January 2019 | Events

Croucher Science Week 2019 is coming!

Croucher Science Week 2019 will be held from 1st April to 14th April. Croucher Science Week is funded by the Croucher Foundation, and is jointly organised by the Croucher Foundation, the Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum.

This year, Croucher Science Week has invited groups of professional science communicators from around the world to engage Hong Kong audiences in a series of science activities, including Australian Museum from Australia, Croucher Scholars from HK, Science Circus from USA, and Anturus, Science Museum Group and The Ministry of Science Group from the UK.

Croucher Science Week creates public programmes for families and the general public to experience the excitement of science! Public programmes include Drop-in Activities, Street Science Shows, Theatre Science Shows and Family Workshops. Drop-in Activities: Down to Earth will explore the energy harvested from renewable natural resources and delve into the principles behind volcanic eruption.

For Theatre Science Shows, Science Circus will demonstrate the physics behind juggling; Super Science will lead the audience through a raft of cool and interactive experiments; and What’s It Like Being A Scientist? by the Croucher Scholars will take the audience into the daily lives of a scientist. These shows will be held at the Hong Kong Science Museum from 12th April to 14th April. The public can register the programmes starting from 21st February.

A list of fruitful school programmes is also ready for schools to participate. Programmes at the museum include Theatre Science Shows, Interactive Talks and Teacher Development Workshops, which are suitable for primary and junior secondary school students and teachers.

Croucher Science Week will also bring School Tour Shows to various schools from 1st April to 12th April! It Takes Guts will bring students along the journey of food in our digestive system; Feel The Force will explore the different forces that shape our world; finally, The Minis Try Science will showcase principles behind general sciences with the aid of fascinating tools. Schools can register the school programmes starting from 21st February!

Come and join us in Croucher Science Week 2019! Let’s explore, discover and find fun in science!