Solar car
Published on 23 Jun 2022

The renewable energy source has been deemed the key to solving the World’s warming and sustainable development issue. One of the most prevalent and common sources would be solar energy. Scientists and engineers have been thinking of ways to utilise solar energy for decades. A breakthrough at the time in the automobile industry was the invention of the first solar-powered vehicle by William Cobb in 1955.

The invention by Cobb at that time was still fairly small as it was only around 15inch. It might not be the first “real” car but it’s undeniable that Cobb was the first one to use photovoltaic cells in the car industry. To turn the sunlight into energy, Cobb used photovoltaic cells that could produce an electric current when they came into contact with sunlight, which could then power the motor. The photovoltaic cells were placed on the roof, where sunlight can shine on the vehicle.

In modern days, such design might not look aesthetically good enough. Newer designs of solar power cars might try to hide the cells under a single piece of glass, yet this might also affect the refraction and efficiency of solar absorption. Can you think of other ways to solve this problem?