• Anturus (UK)

    Anturus Education, from the UK, aims to bring the science of the outdoors into the classroom. With interactive science shows and workshops, hands-on resources and video calls from the field, Anturus shows the wonders of the natural world through engaging and thought-provoking experiences for all. The Anturus team also uses their experience in the outdoors, science and film to make educational films and content that can be used in the classroom or just for science enthusiasts.
  • Eddie Goldstein (US)

    From writing and performing science shows at the world-famous Smithsonian Institution, Eddie Goldstein went on to launch the highly acclaimed Science Performing Program at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where he was a senior educator for 23 years. A Columbia University graduate with a background as a professional magician, always-entertaining Eddie has performed his Magical Math and Science Show around the globe. He also conducts science-performing workshops at museums internationally, sharing the skills he has honed over many years, so that other professional educators can learn new tools for spreading the joy of science.
  • Fizzics Education (AU)

    Fizzics Education is a leading Australian science education provider of interactive science workshops and shows, specialising in engaging, hands-on STEM content.

    Company founder and CEO Ben Newsome is a Churchill Fellow specialising in Science Education via Video Conference as well as the founding member of Virtual Excursions Australia, a non-profit organisation started in 2012. Ben is also a member of the leadership team for the International Society for Technology in Education Interactive Video Conferencing group. Fizzics Education has a continuous relationship with DART Connections, an initiative by the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities unit, providing quality video conferencing excursions for schools from our dedicated audio-visual studio as well as international programmes with the Centre for Collaborative and Interactive Learning.

  • Jason Latimer (US)

    “The right question changes everything. Our next cure, our next technology, our next revolutionary change… will come from a question that has never been asked. Wonder changes the world.” - Jason Latimer

    Jason Latimer is the series champion of the BBC One’s The Magicians, the recipient of Siegfried & Roy’s Masters of the Impossible Award, and was bestowed with magic’s highest honour, “Grand Prix ‘Best Overall’ World Champion of Magic”. In 2018, Jason joined David Copperfield and David Blaine as one of the few recipients of the prestigious and highly coveted Golden Grolla Award from the Masters of Magic.

    As a scientist, Jason is the creator of “Impossible Science” the academic platform uniting magic and science to inspire wonder in education, which has now become a popular YouTube channel with millions of views. Latimer is the Curator of Impossible Science of the iconic Fleet Science Center in San Diego, CA. Recently, Jason and Engineering.com launched the Impossible Science Student Challenge, a competition of thousands of participating schools across the US and Canada to find the classroom doing the most to inspire curiosity within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.