• Ana Yau

    Ana Yau, from Hong Kong, has more than 14 years’ experience in stage performance. She is an actress, producer, also a master of ceremonies. She is one of the judges in the Hong Kong School Drama Festival 2019 (Primary School, English section). Ana is currently focusing on performer training and corporate training. She has a close relationship with Ocean Park Hong Kong as the core coach of Halloween Bash, the biggest seasonal event of it. At the same time, she is an outstanding trainer of SEED Group, which is one of the top corporate training companies in Hong Kong. During Croucher Science Week 2020, Ana will act as Eddie Goldstein’s assistant and deliver the Magical Math and Science Show at the secondary schools and the Hong Kong Science Museum.
  • Kelvin Wong

    Kelvin Wong graduated from the School of Dance of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2007 with a Major in Musical Dance. Kelvin participated in numerous acting-related jobs since his graduation, involving media ranging from movie, television episode, commercial, music video, concert, drama and musical, etc. Kelvin is currently a freelance actor, dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and movement coach. During Croucher Science Week 2020, Kelvin will assist Anturus and the Science Museum Group to deliver Theatre Science Shows at the Hong Kong Science Museum as a Cantonese interpreter.
  • Kylie Chan

    Kylie Chan has an Associate Degree of Marketing from HKU SPACE and has started studying a Diploma of Theatre Studies. With 10 years of performing experience, Kylie worked with theme parks such as Hong Kong Ocean park, Hong Kong Disneyland, Noah’s Ark and participated in various events as performer and emcee like Christmas Parade by Discovery Bay, McDull Musical, Christmas Magic Count Down Show, AIA Puppet Show, etc. Kylie has also joined TV shooting for HKTV and for different individual projects, she is also the actress of education school tour hold by Caritas Jockey Club. During Croucher Science Week 2020, Kylie will work with Rhys Thomas as a Cantonese interpreter to deliver School Tour Shows at local primary schools and will assist Rhys in facilitating the Family Workshops at the Hong Kong Science Museum.