Croucher Scholars on air at TVB Innovation GPS Programme
Published on 20 Aug 2019

Croucher Scholar, Dr Rosa Chan, was interviewed by TVB (Television Broadcasts Limited) on our innovation – Science Communication Training Programme. The interview was aired at Channel 85 TVB Finance & Information Channel – Innovation GPS, on 14th August 2019 at 9.30pm.

Croucher scholars are a group of Croucher award recipients, who are outstanding scientists working in different parts of the world. Science Communication Training Programme aims at equipping these scientists with tools to utilise different formats and channels to deliver scientific knowledge and research. It also strives to stimulate students and the public’s interest in science and to popularise science in society.

In the TV programme, Dr Rosa Chan shared her experiences of participating in science communication training, as well as her thoughts and feelings after engaging Primary and Secondary school students through interactive learning opportunities.

The programme is available online at from mid-August to mid-October 2019.

Dr Rosa Chan is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the City University of Hong Kong. Rosa’s lab builds computational tools to better understand how the brain works. She hopes to share the exciting development in neural engineering research with the public. Technologies previously seen in science-fiction movies will soon become a reality and make a positive impact on our daily lives.

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