[Mini Science Show] Juggling Numbers
Published on 23 Jun 2021
After 4,000 years of juggling history there’s recently been a surge of new tricks. Why? “Siteswap”, a simple mathematical model of juggling using numbers to notate juggling patterns, is cleverly revealing new challenges. Science Circus shares the basics of siteswap and how it’s used by jugglers around the world.

Growing up in rural America, Rhys Thomas taught himself magic tricks from old books. Science classes in college made him look at his tricks from a physics point of view. The resulting “Science Circus” and “Juggle Mania” shows have toured museums and schools in 30 countries. Rhys has appeared as Smithsonian Artist in Residence, competed in the Street Performer World Cup, juggled in an Egyptian tomb, and recently received a national arts grant to make silly science videos. Rhys' favourite compliment is when people say his shows are “Like a Pixar movie – something for everyone."