[Outdoor Tour] Rewilding Nature
Published on 26 May 2021

Rewilding is an increasingly popular, and important, concept. The overarching idea is to restore the balance and diversity of natural ecosystems, but it can take many forms. It may involve planting forests or clearing unnecessary urban development. Management levels vary from the long-term absence of humans to the direct injection of nature in cities. It can be terrestrial or marine, biotic or abiotic. In many ways, rewilding will be essential in our fight against climate change, as well as to help heal our ever-increasing detachment from nature.

Anturus Education, from the UK, bring the science of the outdoors into the classroom. With interactive science shows and workshops, hands-on resources and Skype calls from the field, Anturus show the wonder of the natural world through engaging and thought-provoking experiences for all. The Anturus team are experienced in the outdoors, science and film. Together, they make educational films and content that can be used in the classroom or just for science enthusiasts.