[Imagine Lab] Who Stole My Snacks?
Published on 07 Apr 2021

Who stole our snacks in the pantry? No one has an alibi: they are all suspects. With traces of evidence collected from the crime scene, we could deploy forensics techniques to catch the stealer. Follow our crime-solving journey, as you witness the laboratory work behind the case. You will learn the method to increase DNA samples using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Electrophoresis will also be used to help profile the DNA samples, with the help of a jelly-like substance agarose. The DNA samples will reveal the stealer in no time.

Special thanks to the SMA Lab who has contributed to this programme.

The SMA Lab is the laboratory of Dr Stephanie Ma. Dr Ma is a Croucher Scholar. She is an Associate Professor as well as the Associate Director of Knowledge Exchange and Global in the School of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. The SMA Lab is interested in understanding the general mechanism of tumourigenesis and developing strategies to prevent cancer through understanding a subpopulation of cells in the tumour called cancer stem cells, that is associated with the unfavourable outcome of the disease.

The SMA Lab is actively engaged in public and school outreach such as Croucher Science Week 2018 – 2021, Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2020 – 2021, Hong Kong Gifted Apprentice Programme 2018 and media communications, etc.

Special thanks to PhD students Jane Loong Ho Chun and Matthew Wong Tsz Lam of the SMA Lab for their contribution to Croucher Science Week 2021.