• 360° Virtual Lab Mini-Game

    Have you ever imagined what it would look like in a real laboratory? What cutting edge equipment would they have in it? What is a fume hood? What is a centrifuge? What would the scientists put in their freezer? Are their electronic scale the same as the one we use? We have got the answers for your questions of a scientist’s lab.

    Don’t miss out on the 360° virtual lab experience we have prepared for you. You can experience what it feels like when you are in a real research laboratory. You can also discover what the mysterious lab holds behind locked doors.

    While you are in the lab, help Chemist Dr Au Yeung, with the re-run of his experiment, “Rainbow Flames”. In this experiment, he will burn different chemicals to produce flames of the rainbow colours. He needs your help to collect the equipment and ingredients needed while you are enjoying the VR experience in the 360° virtual lab. Remember to collect them in your toolbox.

    Here’s a hint from Dr Au Yeung: watch the video “Glowing in the Dark” and you will know what is needed for the experiment “Rainbow Flames”.

    Suitable For
    All ages
    Chinese & English
    Date & Time

    The University of Hong Kong


    The Laboratory is a research laboratory of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Hong Kong. Special thanks to Dr Au-Yeung Ho Yu of the University of Hong Kong and the Faculty of Science of the University of Hong Kong to assist for the shooting.