• The Future of Food (Exclusive for Schools)

    In 2050, there’ll be close to 10 billion people crowding our planet. With less space to grow food, less water to grow it with, and more concerns about its footprint, what will we all be eating? Join YouTuber and BBC presenter Greg Foot to discover the cutting-edge science and tech tackling these problems head on. Meet industry and thought leaders planning the menu of 2050: drought-tolerant rice, longer-lasting bananas, and lab-grown burgers.

    Greg Foot
    Online broadcast
    Suitable For
    Junior secondary school students
    English with Chinese & English subtitles
    Date & Time
    22.03 - 26.03 Mon - Fri
    • The talk lasts for about 30mins.
    • Schools are required to register through Croucher Science Week school-event registration site.
    • Registered schools will receive a link to access the video which will be available for unlimited playing in the period of time listed above.
    • Registered schools can download a resource pack from the resource hub of the school event website.
    • School registration starts on 25 February 2021 at 12noon.