About Croucher Science Week

Croucher Science Week is an annual science festival running every spring in Hong Kong. It is produced by the Croucher Foundation, an independent private foundation established by the late Noel Croucher in 1979 to promote the standard of natural sciences, technology and medicine in Hong Kong. Started in 2018, the festival attracts a wide audience from children to youngsters.

Science plays a fundamental part in our life. We strongly believe everyone deserves to be inspired by science and science education should be made available to everyone. We hope to nurture curiosity and encourage our younger generation to develop a sense of relevance to science in their daily lives.

Croucher Science Week is designed with the mission of raising science literacy within the society and bridging the gap between scientists and the younger generation.

Each year, Croucher Science Week gathers some of the greatest minds in science from around the world to engage audience with scientific discoveries through a series of activities including science shows, interactive explorations, talks and workshops tailored for Hong Kong audience. Science communicators and educators invited in the past include Nanogirl from New Zealand, Eddie Goldstein from the USA, the Ministry of Science Group from the UK, the Australian Museum from Australia, etc.

Aside from overseas experts, Croucher Science Week invites Croucher Scholars (Croucher award recipients), a group of brilliant Hong Kong scientists who are currently undertaking cutting-edge research or running an innovative project, to share their enthusiasm for science with local audiences.

Croucher Science Week is funded by the Croucher Foundation, and is jointly organised by the Croucher Foundation, the HKSAR Education Bureau and the Hong Kong Science Museum (managed by the Leisure and Cultural Services Department of the HKSAR). Croucher Science Week is one of the key components of the Hong Kong Science Festival (HK SciFest).

In view of the COVID-19 infection, Croucher Science Week will go virtual this year and will be held from 22nd March to 30th April. Science communicators and educators invited include but not limited to Croucher Scholars from HK, Greg Foot, Anturus and the Science Museum Group from the UK, and Eddie Goldstein and Rhys Thomas from the United States. We look forward to your participation in this year’s event!

For more details about Croucher Science Week, please visit the official website at https://croucherscienceweek.hk.