Thank you for registering for Croucher Science Week 2021.

You now have unlimited access to our programmes during the event period, and you can access all the following videos at the designated date and time. You do not need to register for individual programmes one by one.

  • Hands-on Science (Ink Rainbows, Static Ghosts, Amazing Science Magic, Flying Cups and Falling Eggs)
  • Mini Science Show (Glowing in the Dark, We’ve Got the Power!, Science Circus Series)
  • Imagine Lab (A Day in the Life of a Biologist, Who Stole My Snacks?)
  • Outdoor Tour (Making a Mountain, Rewilding Nature, Great Glens)
  • Science Talk (Deep Ocean Lab)
  • Science Film (A short film of the Incredible Tale of Robot Boy)

However, please be reminded that Let’s Go Live! Programmes, including the Magical Maths Show and Virtual Star Party, will NOT be live-streamed on the platform. To participate in the live events, please register through the LIVE event registration site (Quotas are limited).

We hope you enjoy the programmes of Croucher Science Week 2021!