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  • Glowing in the Dark

    Where there is colour, there is light! From red roses to green leaves to a glowing firefly, the wonderful colours we see in our beautiful world are all the result of the energy conversion involving unbelievably tiny particles – electrons. This show looks at the science of colour and light through a series of stimulating laboratory demonstrations. Come and explore the secrets behind our colourful world!
  • We’ve Got the Power!

    Humans have been setting things on fire for millennia – for warmth, light, power, and most recently, electricity. Join the Royal Institution of Great Britain to find out why we need to stop, how we know the impact of burning fossil fuels, and what we must investigate to meet our energy needs in the future. In this exciting show, packed with demonstrations, explore the chemistry of burning fossil fuels, especially the production of carbon dioxide (CO2); how our understanding of the effects of CO2 on the climate has grown; and the physics and chemistry of storing electricity in longer-lasting, smaller, more powerful batteries.
  • Science Circus Series

    Science Circus
    The 30-minute Science Circus teaches Newtonian physics using a unique blend of science, comedy and circus. You will learn surprising things about gravity through bowling ball juggling, gyroscopic stability through glass bowl spinning, centripetal force with cowboy lariats, centre of balance with a tall unicycle and inertia with the classic tablecloth pull. That’s what the Science Circus is all about!
    And if you stay around after the show, you can catch two short clips that Rhys has prepared about the maths of juggling and the physics of fun! You will learn how to do juggling tricks and you may also become a circus juggler!

    Juggling Numbers
    After 4,000 years of juggling history there’s recently been a surge of new tricks. Why? “Siteswap”, a simple mathematical model of juggling using numbers to notate juggling patterns, is cleverly revealing new challenges. Science Circus shares the basics of siteswap and how it’s used by jugglers around the world.

    Stunteddy Tries Science
    A “beardevil” toy tries to get its head around a variety of Science Circus problems using maths, systems analysis, experimentation and … wait for it … fuzzy logic. Comedy, curiosity and scientific reasoning help Stunteddy understand the Physics of Fun. Bearamedics will be standing by.