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  • Ink Rainbows (Special Screening)

    Discover the colourful chemistry that ensures the ink in your felt tip pens behaves just the way you want it, with this engaging home science chromatography exploration. Let the scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain guide you through the step-by-step process, while explaining the science along the way. Find out how we can separate different coloured inks even after they have been mixed together, and why inks that look the same on a piece of paper might actually work very differently.

  • Static Ghosts (Special Screening)

    Learn how some spooky pictures can be moved with the help of static electricity. Scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain will show you how to conduct your own experiment and explore for yourself the wonderful science of static electricity, which makes things move without touching them and behave in ways they’re not supposed to!

  • Amazing Science Magic (Special Screening)

    Is it science or magic… or a little bit of both? Steve Spangler reveals the how-to science behind some eye-catching STEM puzzles you can use to amaze your friends.

    Explore the science of density, simple machines and chemistry using materials that you’ll find at home. You will also uncover the skills of a magician as you learn how to create a story that engages your audience and draws them into your experience. Combine amazing science with engaging presentation skills and you get a collection of cool science magic that’s guaranteed to get you a standing ovation!

  • Flying Cups and Falling Eggs (Special Screening)

    Imagine learning how to make cups filled with water fly through the air without spilling a drop, or being able to whip off the tablecloth without making a mess on the floor. Steve Spangler shares some of his favourite, eye-catching science experiments and STEM challenges as you uncover the forces that control the way things move.

    You’ll uncover clever ways to make use of inertia and centripetal force to make objects look like they defy gravity as you gain a better understanding of Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. You won’t believe your eyes when you try these experiments using supplies that are easy to find at home.

  • A Day in the Life of a Biologist (Special Screening)

    How does a day in the life of a biologist who studies cancer look like? Let’s find out in this point of view record of a cancer cell biologist in Hong Kong. How are cancer cells grown in the laboratory, how do they function and help advance scientific knowledge for cancer therapy? Get a chance to see the cancer cells up close under the microscope. Come and see for yourself the mysterious killer.

  • Who Stole My Snacks? (Special Screening)

    Who stole our snacks in the pantry? No one has an alibi: they are all suspects. With traces of evidence collected from the crime scene, we could deploy forensics techniques to catch the stealer. Follow our crime-solving journey, as you witness the laboratory work behind the case. You will learn the method to increase DNA samples using the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Electrophoresis will also be used to help profile the DNA samples, with the help of a jelly-like substance agarose. The DNA samples will reveal the stealer in no time.

  • Glowing in the Dark (Special Screening)

    Where there is colour, there is light! From red roses to green leaves to a glowing firefly, the wonderful colours we see in our beautiful world are all the result of the energy conversion involving unbelievably tiny particles – electrons. This show looks at the science of colour and light through a series of stimulating laboratory demonstrations. Come and explore the secrets behind our colourful world!

    After the show, play the mini-game we've prepared for you to experience a chemistry laboratory in 360° virtual tour. Collect all the tools & equipment needed for Dr Au-Yeung to conduct the science experiment!

  • Making a Mountain (Special Screening)

    The physical form of our planet is always changing. What we see today is a snapshot in time. But we can use this picture to learn the rules governing the terrain around us, and understand how the world evolves. Come on a journey to the wild mountains of Snowdonia in Wales whose vivid and complex geology reveals much about the processes that continue to shape all land on earth. We run the peaks, camp in the uplands and climb to the summits to find out how these and all mountains are made and decline.

  • Rewilding Nature (Special Screening)

    Rewilding is an increasingly popular, and important, concept. The overarching idea is to restore the balance and diversity of natural ecosystems, but it can take many forms. It may involve planting forests or clearing unnecessary urban development. Management levels vary from the long-term absence of humans to the direct injection of nature in cities. It can be terrestrial or marine, biotic or abiotic. In many ways, rewilding will be essential in our fight against climate change, as well as to help heal our ever-increasing detachment from nature.