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  • Ink Rainbows

    Discover the colourful chemistry that ensures the ink in your felt tip pens behaves just the way you want it, with this engaging home science chromatography exploration. Let the scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain guide you through the step-by-step process, while explaining the science along the way. Find out how we can separate different coloured inks even after they have been mixed together, and why inks that look the same on a piece of paper might actually work very differently.
  • Static Ghosts

    Learn how some spooky pictures can be moved with the help of static electricity. Scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain will show you how to conduct your own experiment and explore for yourself the wonderful science of static electricity, which makes things move without touching them and behave in ways they’re not supposed to!
  • We’ve Got the Power!

    Humans have been setting things on fire for millennia – for warmth, light, power, and most recently, electricity. Join the Royal Institution of Great Britain to find out why we need to stop, how we know the impact of burning fossil fuels, and what we must investigate to meet our energy needs in the future. In this exciting show, packed with demonstrations, explore the chemistry of burning fossil fuels, especially the production of carbon dioxide (CO2); how our understanding of the effects of CO2 on the climate has grown; and the physics and chemistry of storing electricity in longer-lasting, smaller, more powerful batteries.