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  • Making a Mountain

    The physical form of our planet is always changing. What we see today is a snapshot in time. But we can use this picture to learn the rules governing the terrain around us, and understand how the world evolves. Come on a journey to the wild mountains of Snowdonia in Wales whose vivid and complex geology reveals much about the processes that continue to shape all land on earth. We run the peaks, camp in the uplands and climb to the summits to find out how these and all mountains are made and decline.
  • Rewilding Nature

    Rewilding is an increasingly popular, and important, concept. The overarching idea is to restore the balance and diversity of natural ecosystems, but it can take many forms. It may involve planting forests or clearing unnecessary urban development. Management levels vary from the long-term absence of humans to the direct injection of nature in cities. It can be terrestrial or marine, biotic or abiotic. In many ways, rewilding will be essential in our fight against climate change, as well as to help heal our ever-increasing detachment from nature.
  • Great Glens

    Scotland is a rugged and remote land. It has taken millions of years to create the glens, the lochs, and the high mountains. In this video we see the Anturus team look into how the striking Scottish landscape came to be. They brave the extreme cold and the harsh conditions to tell the story of the amazing geography of Scotland.