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  • Down To Earth

    Anturus will show what renewable energy is doing for the world, and will create wind catchers to reveal how much energy there is in wind. The Australian Museum’s science team will demonstrate surprising reactions of matter in various states and density, and will help us visualise what happens in the lead-up to a volcanic eruption!
  • High Ice

    What does it take to climb the world’s highest peaks? Why should we care that permanent ice caps and many glaciers are disappearing from the earth? Fresh back from climbing North Africa’s highest peak, Alpinist Huw James will take us on a journey through the world’s highest ice.
  • The Exploration Station

    Come with Anturus on a journey around the world! Looking at some of the craziest scientific phenomena on the planet: geysers that spew water high into the air, tornados made out of fire, and volcanos that create lightning clouds – our planet has it all!