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  • Swing & Smash

    Anyone who thinks science is boring is about to have their eyes stretched wide open. This special show contains lots of those fun and naughty experiments we can only see on TV! Croucher Scholars deliver an unforgettable collection of live demonstrations – swinging and smashing to explore the forces that shape our world! Be prepared to get involved, get excited, get wet and get inspired! This show is written by Eddie Goldstein, a veteran science educator from the United States.
  • What’s it Like Being a Scientist?

    You will meet scientists who will re-enact one of the greatest scientific experiments of all time - Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment. They will let you in on what it feels like to be a scientist doing cutting-edge research in modern day, and will lead the entire audience in a scientific experiment that everyone can do!
  • The Power of Science!

    Scientists bring science to life for your students through experiments and demonstrations that connect the study of science with their everyday experiences. Using their own scientific research, our experts will challenge students to take part in a process of discovery!