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  • Super Science!

    In a fun-filled show, packed with facts and stats, the Ministry of Science team will demonstrate a raft of cool experiments, including how chemicals react in surprising ways, some “shocking” results from physics, and a chance to discover just how cold liquid nitrogen really is!
  • Hands on (Hands off!)

    In this show, the Ministry of Science team will roll out some of their favourite demonstrations with plenty of opportunity for the audience to get hands-on, both during the show and later at home. The finish, however, is definitely hands-off for the audiences as the fun ramps up to the most explosive experiment of all.
  • The Minis Try Science

    The Ministry of Science will bring a selection of their top experiments to your school to let the Minis Try Science. Students will get the chance to go hands-on with the team, exploring science through Friction Books, a Van de Graaff generator and plasma ball, and the weird and wonderful world of chemical reactions.