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  • Slime Time

    Slime is a strange substance. Left by itself, it oozes like a liquid, but give it a push or a pull and it's stiff like a solid. Brought to you by the Science Museum Group, this workshop explores how materials change and transform, as participants make their very own slippery slime to take home.
  • Mission to Mars

    What’s needed to plan a mission to Mars? A lot of science, for sure. This workshop will reveal the principles behind launching rockets and satellites into space, take a big look at our solar system, and ask, ‘could there really be alien life out there?’ The Science Museum Group will lead the participants to make their own rockets and try to steer them to Mars!
  • What’s it Like Being a Scientist?

    You will meet scientists who will re-enact one of the greatest scientific experiments of all time - Galileo’s Leaning Tower of Pisa experiment. They will let you in on what it feels like to be a scientist doing cutting-edge research in modern day, and will lead the entire audience in a scientific experiment that everyone can do!