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  • Magical Eggs

    With Easter coming soon, let’s prepare some Easter eggs! It’s not very challenging to simply paint them, so how about we look at making eggs in a scientific way? In this workshop, Dr Au-Yeung Ho Yu, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry in the University of Hong Kong, introduces the scientific principles behind the magical transformations involving eggs. Join the investigation and take home your very own Easter eggs!

  • Catch!

    Juggler Rhys Thomas leads you through a series of challenges that reveal the beauty of juggling with maths and the constant acceleration of gravity. More insights into the 4,000-year-old pastime of juggling help you explore how air pushes back, why some things balance and others don’t, and the intriguing nature of inertia.

  • The Exploration Station

    Come with Anturus on a journey around the world! Looking at some of the craziest scientific phenomena on the planet: geysers that spew water high into the air, tornados made out of fire, and volcanos that create lightning clouds – our planet has it all! At the Exploration Station, we will delve into the science behind these amazing places with live action demonstrations and interactive experiments. Come explore the outside world – inside with us at the Exploration Station!