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  • Teacher Development Workshop

    This workshop will share a range of practical approaches to help you engage your students with science. Using tried and tested resources, we will explore ideas for connecting classroom learning with your students’ everyday lives to demonstrate the relevance of science and methods for developing skills that are useful for science.
  • High Ice

    What does it take to climb the world’s highest peaks? Why should we care that permanent ice caps and many glaciers are disappearing from the earth? Fresh back from climbing North Africa’s highest peak, Alpinist Huw James will take us on a journey through the world’s highest ice.
  • Science Circus

    Students will giggle as juggler Rhys Thomas tries to outwit gravity with a bowling ball and a feather, marvel as he turns a sphere into a gyroscope that keeps stable on a kid’s finger, and laugh as he tries to balance on a tall unicycle, does cowboy rope tricks and daringly risks his mum’s plates in a throw-down with inertia!