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  • Magical Substance

    What substance can be fluffy, squishy and stretchy all at the same time, and is loads of fun to play with? The answer – slime! Slime is a strange substance: left to its own devices, it oozes like a liquid; give it a push or a pull, and it's stiff like a solid. During Croucher Science Week, the Science Museum Group from the UK is running a fascinating drop-in activity to introduce the science behind slime at the Hong Kong Science Museum. We will look at materials around us and their states of matter, how they change and transform, and make use of these states of matter to create your very own slippery slime to take home at the end of the day.
  • Down To Earth

    Anturus will show what renewable energy is doing for the world, and will create wind catchers to reveal how much energy there is in wind. The Australian Museum’s science team will demonstrate surprising reactions of matter in various states and density, and will help us visualise what happens in the lead-up to a volcanic eruption!
  • Extracting DNA

    A science team from the Australian Museum will perform drop-in activities. Audience will have a chance to extract DNA from fruits.