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  • Swing & Smash

    Anyone who thinks science is boring is about to have their eyes stretched wide open. This special show contains lots of those fun and naughty experiments we can only see on TV! Croucher Scholars deliver an unforgettable collection of live demonstrations – swinging and smashing to explore the forces that shape our world! Be prepared to get involved, get excited, get wet and get inspired! This show is written by Eddie Goldstein, a veteran science educator from the United States.
  • Space Adventures

    Who hasn’t dreamed of visiting the moon or one of the planets? But the distances between all the planets are so mind-bogglingly huge, how can we ever hope to get there? Scientists are exploring the outer edges of our solar system using robotic explorers, while space agencies are developing plans to send humans to other planets. So if we’re going to explore other planets, moons and chunks of rock, which are the best to go to? In this imagination-defying interactive show, join adventure astronomer Huw James as we find out where we’ll be having space adventures in the not so distant future.
  • The Gollyology Show

    Using his super powers of creativity, education and practice, Rhys Thomas takes on circus challenges that reveal the secrets of the universe.