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  • Science Circus

    The Science Circus is a battle between playfulness and the laws of physics. Students will giggle as juggler Rhys Thomas tries to outwit gravity with a bowling ball and a feather, marvel as he turns a sphere into a gyroscope that keeps stable on a student’s finger, and cheer as he coaxes nine boxes to balance, uses centripetal force to spin a cowboy rope and risks his mom’s plates in a throw-down with inertia! It’s a battle everyone wins as you come away appreciating the physics of fun.
  • The Magical Math and Science Show

    Eddie Goldstein’s Magical Math and Science Show uses magic, comedy and juggling to blow your mind with amazing topics in maths and science. You’ll learn the scientific secrets behind mystifying magic tricks. You’ll see how magicians use maths to read people’s minds. You’ll discover that juggling devil sticks helps explain how the Moon orbits the Earth. And lots more. Best of all, you will have fun, fun, fun.
  • It Takes Guts

    Come with the Science Museum Group on a journey of food from your mouth! Discover how our bodies use the nutrients in our food to keep us healthy, see real video footage of people’s insides, and find out exactly why poo is brown.