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  • Science Circus

    Students will giggle as juggler Rhys Thomas tries to outwit gravity with a bowling ball and a feather, marvel as he turns a sphere into a gyroscope that keeps stable on a kid’s finger, and laugh as he tries to balance on a tall unicycle, does cowboy rope tricks and daringly risks his mum’s plates in a throw-down with inertia!
  • The Exploration Station

    Come with Anturus on a journey around the world! Looking at some of the craziest scientific phenomena on the planet: geysers that spew water high into the air, tornados made out of fire, and volcanos that create lightning clouds – our planet has it all!
  • Music to Your Ears

    Discover what sound is, and see what it actually looks like. Find out how our ears pick up sound, and how they can be damaged by loud music. Uncover the mysteries of how CD players and MP3 players work, and have fun.