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  • A short film of the Incredible Tale of Robot Boy

    In an extraordinary high-tech laboratory, a team of the world’s top scientists is attempting the impossible. Their mission is to create a robot with a real brain, pushing the boundaries of scientific discovery.

    They succeed, and Robot Boy is born!

    His world is the playground of the laboratory; it is where he belongs. Robot Boy knows the Scientists have an important job to do and he is there to help them, but sometimes he longs to explore beyond this world. Just as we all yearn to visit unique and extraordinary places, for Robot Boy the most phenomenal place of all is inside his own imagination.

    This 36-minute silent film, adapted from footage of the 2019 Theatre-Rites and Schauspielhaus Bochum stage production, takes us on a journey of curiosity and wonder – a poetic story about humanity, responsibility and life.