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  • Science Sam (CA)

    Neuroscientist, Science Communicator, and Digital Media Producer Dr Samantha Yammine (Science Sam) loves talking about anything science, anywhere and everywhere. Samantha has created space for continued, multi-way dialogue about science that transcends geographical borders and the traditional gate-keeping of academia. Samantha has hosted a livestream with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, presented her research on the streets at Toronto’s busiest intersection, talked ringside with Muay Thai fighters about performance anxiety, and showed off model and real brains at 1am in a Yurt during an all-night art festival. She leads interactive workshops on science communication, personal branding, and social media to teach scientists and STEM professionals the skills they need to share their science creatively.
  • Why I Love My Anxious Brain (Exclusive for Schools)

    Take a deep breath in. And out. (No seriously, give it a try!) The squishy brain inside your skull made that possible. It is also responsible for the days where it feels a little harder to breathe because we're stressed. Or scared. Worried. Or sad. Join Science Sam for an appreciation tour of the beautiful brain that makes us feel good, bad ... and everything in between. We will talk about the neuroscience of anxiety and the things that can help. But most of all we will learn some brain-blowing facts that will leave you in awe of the stuff in your head.