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  • Ink Rainbows

    Discover the colourful chemistry that ensures the ink in your felt tip pens behaves just the way you want it, with this engaging home science chromatography exploration. Let the scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain guide you through the step-by-step process, while explaining the science along the way. Find out how we can separate different coloured inks even after they have been mixed together, and why inks that look the same on a piece of paper might actually work very differently.
  • Amazing Science Magic

    Is it science or magic… or a little bit of both? Steve Spangler reveals the how-to science behind some eye-catching STEM puzzles you can use to amaze your friends.

    Explore the science of density, simple machines and chemistry using materials that you’ll find at home. You will also uncover the skills of a magician as you learn how to create a story that engages your audience and draws them into your experience. Combine amazing science with engaging presentation skills and you get a collection of cool science magic that’s guaranteed to get you a standing ovation!

  • Ghost Bubbles

    Explore the strange and slightly spooky behaviour of carbon dioxide gas in this simple experiment you can do at home. You will learn how to use chemistry to create amazing levitating bubbles to wow your friends and family, and of course we will tell you the science behind this amazing illusion.
  • Science of Sweets

    Join Stefan Gates, his daughter Poppy, and his cat Cheeky as they blow apart the world of sweets! This is a demo-packed show featuring weird and wonderful edible chemical reactions, vortex cannons, sugar explosions, glowing drinks and fireworks made from cereal. The show is packed with edible chemistry, biology and physics and there are loads of demos you can try at home... plus a few you really can’t!
  • Chemical Capers

    Get hands-on with kitchen chemistry and see what happens when we mix things up in this online science activity! Join in the experiments using materials commonly found around the house. Learn about the difference between physical and chemical changes, and find out how molecules interact with one another. Surely, we will not miss out the reactions between acids and bases while creating exciting colour changes! What kind of cool experiments can you do with items in your pantry? Explore the wonderful world of chemistry by seeing and doing, and having fun while you are at it!
  • Fire Chemistry

    Join us for surprisingly fiery chemical reactions, the fire triangle and many more exciting explosions as they dive into the chemistry of fire! You will learn about the chain reactions and importance of heat, fuel and oxygen.
  • Weirdology

    Explore the strange and often hilariously revolting chemistry, materials science, physics and biology lurking in everyday things with Stefan Gates and his long-suffering daughter Poppy. They take us on an unforgettable adventure as they tackle questions such as “Can you sing with fire?”, “What’s in a zit?”, “What’s it like to be inside a giant exploding balloon?”, “Can you make a trumpet out of a carrot?”. This family science show will spark the imagination of all, even people who think they hate science.