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  • Dr Ho Yu Au-Yeung

  • Ink Rainbows

    Discover the colourful chemistry that ensures the ink in your felt tip pens behaves just the way you want it, with this engaging home science chromatography exploration. Let the scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain guide you through the step-by-step process, while explaining the science along the way. Find out how we can separate different coloured inks even after they have been mixed together, and why inks that look the same on a piece of paper might actually work very differently.

  • Amazing Science Magic

    Is it science or magic… or a little bit of both? Steve Spangler reveals the how-to science behind some eye-catching STEM puzzles you can use to amaze your friends.

    Explore the science of density, simple machines and chemistry using materials that you’ll find at home. You will also uncover the skills of a magician as you learn how to create a story that engages your audience and draws them into your experience. Combine amazing science with engaging presentation skills and you get a collection of cool science magic that’s guaranteed to get you a standing ovation!

  • Glowing in the Dark

    Where there is colour, there is light! From red roses to green leaves to a glowing firefly, the wonderful colours we see in our beautiful world are all the result of the energy conversion involving unbelievably tiny particles – electrons. This show looks at the science of colour and light through a series of stimulating laboratory demonstrations. Come and explore the secrets behind our colourful world!

    After the show, play the mini game we've prepared for you to experience a chemistry laboratory in 360° virtual tour. Collect all the tools & equipment needed for Dr Au-Yeung to conduct the science experiment!

  • We’ve Got the Power!

    Humans have been setting things on fire for millennia – for warmth, light, power, and most recently, electricity. Join the Royal Institution of Great Britain to find out why we need to stop, how we know the impact of burning fossil fuels, and what we must investigate to meet our energy needs in the future. In this exciting show, packed with demonstrations, explore the chemistry of burning fossil fuels, especially the production of carbon dioxide (CO2); how our understanding of the effects of CO2 on the climate has grown; and the physics and chemistry of storing electricity in longer-lasting, smaller, more powerful batteries.

  • Mobile Earth + Space Observatory

    The Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) is a mobile environmental and space science laboratory outfitted with hands-on educational and research instrumentation that supports activities focused on weather, climate and the science of astronomy. Making it all possible is a box truck with a roof that rolls back to expose a research-grade telescope that allows online visitors of all ages to look at the stars and planets in ways normally only available to scientists. MESO also includes museum-grade exhibits, scientific equipment, and interaction with scientists and educators, creating a science centre on wheels during the daytime. While at night, it transforms to an observatory hosting stargazing parties that explore the universe.

    Through digital link-ups to Hong Kong and around the world, MESO offers real-time virtual star parties, science demonstrations, and cutting edge science education for schools, museums, and community events. These opportunities excite and motivate young people to further explore science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

    MESO’s mission is to engage participants in scientific inquiry and allow them to experience first-hand what it is to be a scientist, to use scientific instruments and to make observations of our world and beyond. The scientists and educators that bring MESO to life include researchers in astrophysics, engineering, chemistry, education, astronomy, physics, and geology.