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  • The Science Museum Group Academy

    The Science Museum Group Academy delivers inspirational research-informed training and resources for teachers, STEM and museum professionals and others involved in STEM communication and learning. The Science Museum Group operates five museums including the Science Museum in London, the Science and Media Museum in Bradford, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the Railway Museum in York, and Locomotion near Durham. Members of the Academy are based at at the Science Museum in London and the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.

    With over 5 million visitors annually, including half a million in education groups, the group has a wealth of experience engaging diverse audiences and igniting their curiosity in science. Through iconic objects, interactive exhibits, and especially a practical, relevant approach to learning, educators from the five museums inspire audiences to appreciate the creativity and wonder of science. Their training courses draw on wide experience engaging audiences with STEM through contemporary science, hands-on experiences and object engagement within and beyond the member institutions.

  • Greg Foot

    Greg Foot is an accomplished science broadcaster on stage and in diverse media. He has provided lively science input on multiple British TV and radio programmes, is a successful podcaster (’Surprisingly Brilliant’) and a popular YouTuber. His Spectacular Science Shows regularly inspire and delight kids of all ages on stages around the world. A Natural Sciences graduate from Cambridge University, Greg is now a Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow and the Creative Director and driving force at A regular host of STEM events and awards and keynote science speaker he also delivers public engagement training and one-on-one science communication coaching.

  • The SMA Lab

    The SMA Lab is the laboratory of Dr Stephanie Ma. Dr Ma is an Associate Professor as well as the Associate Director of Knowledge Exchange and Global in the School of Biomedical Sciences of the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. The SMA Lab is interested in understanding the general mechanism of tumourigenesis and developing strategies to prevent cancer through understanding a subpopulation of cells in the tumour called cancer stem cells, that is associated with the unfavourable outcome of the disease.

    The SMA Lab is actively engaged in public and school outreach such as Croucher Science Week 2018 – 2021, Hong Kong Student Science Project Competition 2020 – 2021, Hong Kong Gifted Apprentice Programme 2018 and media communications, etc.

    Special thanks to PhD students Jane Loong Ho Chun and Matthew Wong Tsz Lam of the SMA Lab for their contribution to Croucher Science Week 2021.

  • Dr Faye Tsang

  • Dr Sam Lau