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  • Flying Cups and Falling Eggs

    Imagine learning how to make cups filled with water fly through the air without spilling a drop, or being able to whip off the tablecloth without making a mess on the floor. Steve Spangler shares some of his favourite, eye-catching science experiments and STEM challenges as you uncover the forces that control the way things move.

    You’ll uncover clever ways to make use of inertia and centripetal force to make objects look like they defy gravity as you gain a better understanding of Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion. You won’t believe your eyes when you try these experiments using supplies that are easy to find at home.

  • Magical Eggs

    With Easter coming soon, let’s prepare some Easter eggs! It’s not very challenging to simply paint them, so how about we look at making eggs in a scientific way? In this workshop, Dr Au-Yeung Ho Yu, Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry in the University of Hong Kong, introduces the scientific principles behind the magical transformations involving eggs. Join the investigation and take home your very own Easter eggs!