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  • Explosive Food

    See food in a new light with the Royal Institution of Great Britain. In this exciting demonstration-filled show, journey from food to faeces as scientists show you the incredible, and sometimes disgusting, science behind what we eat. Discover how burning food shows the amount of energy it contains, the biology that powers our amazing digestive system and how to choose food that gives you the energy and nutrition you need to stay healthy. This lively session will quench your thirst for knowledge and feed your hunger for science facts, all with a sprinkling of fire and fun.

  • Our Changing Climate

    Global warming is not only taking hold but speeding up. The Anturus team travel to Iceland to explore what can be done to control the crisis. Can energy from renewable sources match the amounts we now use? Can we capture carbon from the atmosphere to cool the climate? The effects of global warming on Iceland are profound. What can Iceland teach us about our changing climate?

  • Glowing in the Dark

    Where there is colour, there is light! From red roses to green leaves to a glowing firefly, the wonderful colours we see in our beautiful world are all the result of the energy conversion involving unbelievably tiny particles – electrons. This show looks at the science of colour and light through a series of stimulating laboratory demonstrations. Come and explore the secrets behind our colourful world!

    After the show, play the mini game we've prepared for you to experience a chemistry laboratory in 360° virtual tour. Collect all the tools & equipment needed for Dr Au-Yeung to conduct the science experiment!

  • We’ve Got the Power!

    Humans have been setting things on fire for millennia – for warmth, light, power, and most recently, electricity. Join the Royal Institution of Great Britain to find out why we need to stop, how we know the impact of burning fossil fuels, and what we must investigate to meet our energy needs in the future. In this exciting show, packed with demonstrations, explore the chemistry of burning fossil fuels, especially the production of carbon dioxide (CO2); how our understanding of the effects of CO2 on the climate has grown; and the physics and chemistry of storing electricity in longer-lasting, smaller, more powerful batteries.

  • Down To Earth

    Anturus will show what renewable energy is doing for the world, and will create wind catchers to reveal how much energy there is in wind. The Australian Museum’s science team will demonstrate surprising reactions of matter in various states and density, and will help us visualise what happens in the lead-up to a volcanic eruption!