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  • Dr Phillip Yam

  • Dr Grantham Pang

  • Dr Rosa Chan

  • The Science Museum Group

    The Science Museum Group is based in the UK and includes the Science Museum in London, the Science and Media Museum in Bradford, the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester, the Railway Museum in York, and Locomotion near Durham. With over 5 million visitors to their museums each year, including half a million in education groups, the Science Museum Group has a wealth of experience in engaging diverse audiences and igniting their curiosity in science. Through iconic objects, interactive exhibits, and a hands-on approach to learning, educators from the Group inspire audiences to appreciate the creativity and wonder of science. Drawing on this experience, the Science Museum Group Academy offers inspirational, research-informed, training and resources for teachers, museum and STEM professionals, and shares techniques and approaches aimed at increasing engagement with science, technology, engineering and maths.
  • Little Bang, Big Bang

    Join Nanogirl and her trusty lab assistant for science as you've never seen it before. Explosions, smoke cannons and fireballs – science and engineering will come to life in the coolest ways possible, right before your eyes. Nanogirl will explain the science behind each experiment in a way that’s fun and easy to understand.