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  • Gear Geeks (Exclusive for Schools)

    In the outdoor world we love gear! It helps keep us safe, it helps keep us dry, it helps us discover the world. But the science and engineering behind the gear is often just as fascinating as the places it helps us explore. This session takes a closer look at the stuff we use to get outdoors, from plastic clothing to recyclable shoes and 3D printed climbing gear. Come and explore the wonderful science of the kit we sometimes take for granted, and maybe you’ll become a Gear Geek too!

  • Mobile Earth + Space Observatory

    The Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) is a mobile environmental and space science laboratory outfitted with hands-on educational and research instrumentation that supports activities focused on weather, climate and the science of astronomy. Making it all possible is a box truck with a roof that rolls back to expose a research-grade telescope that allows online visitors of all ages to look at the stars and planets in ways normally only available to scientists. MESO also includes museum-grade exhibits, scientific equipment, and interaction with scientists and educators, creating a science centre on wheels during the daytime. While at night, it transforms to an observatory hosting stargazing parties that explore the universe.

    Through digital link-ups to Hong Kong and around the world, MESO offers real-time virtual star parties, science demonstrations, and cutting edge science education for schools, museums, and community events. These opportunities excite and motivate young people to further explore science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

    MESO’s mission is to engage participants in scientific inquiry and allow them to experience first-hand what it is to be a scientist, to use scientific instruments and to make observations of our world and beyond. The scientists and educators that bring MESO to life include researchers in astrophysics, engineering, chemistry, education, astronomy, physics, and geology.

  • The Royal Institution

    The Royal Institution (Ri) has a vision for the world in which everyone is inspired to think more deeply about science and its place in our lives. Home to scientific giants including Michael Faraday, Humphry Davy, Kathleen Lonsdale and John Tyndall, discoveries made here have shaped the modern world. Vitally, these scientists understood the importance of sharing their work with the wider public.

    Today the Royal Institution continues its mission to create opportunities for everyone to discover, discuss and critically examine science and how it shapes the world around us. Building on its heritage, the Royal Institution provides science education and public engagement for people of all ages around the world – from the world-famous Christmas Lectures and public talks from the world's greatest thinkers in its historic lecture theatre to a successful YouTube channel with 900,000+ subscribers and a programme of masterclasses for young people in mathematics, engineering and computer science. In addition, there are hands-on science workshops in its L'Oréal Young Scientist Centre, award-winning animations and films and the preservation of its scientific legacy through the Faraday Museum and archival collections.

  • Dr Phillip Yam

  • Dr Grantham Pang

  • Dr Rosa Chan