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  • Teacher Workshop

    Join the Science Museum Group Academy team for an interactive online session exploring the key elements of engagement and how to use them to plan and develop engaging and inspiring experiences for your students. The team will explore the five key elements for creating engaging learning experiences – Hook, Inform, Enable, Extend and Reflect. You’ll have the opportunity to try out techniques for each element and discuss ideas to help you plan engaging and inspiring STEM experiences for your students in and beyond the classroom.

    All you’ll need is a regular video call set-up and a willingness to have a go at the activities and share your ideas.

  • Virtual Star Party

    Have you ever been to a Star Party? That’s where you go out at night to look through telescopes, hang out with other astronomy fans, learn cool things about the universe, and have a great time doing it.

    During the daytime in Hong Kong, it’s the middle of the night in Colorado in the United States. And, thanks to digital technology, you’ll be able to actually look through telescopes where the Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) are pointing at the night sky in Colorado. You’ll have the chance to look deep into space to explore our amazing cosmos. Not only that, in this dynamite 90-minute event, a team of scientists and educators will lead you through activities you’ll do in your own home; there’ll be an Q&A session, solar system animations, live science demonstrations, and much more.

    The best part is that it is LIVE. What you will be seeing is literally what is happening half a world away. Actually, it’s light years better than that – it’s what is happening across our entire galaxy! Join this one-time-only Virtual Star Party!

  • Mobile Earth + Space Observatory

    The Mobile Earth + Space Observatory (MESO) is a mobile environmental and space science laboratory outfitted with hands-on educational and research instrumentation that supports activities focused on weather, climate and the science of astronomy. Making it all possible is a box truck with a roof that rolls back to expose a research-grade telescope that allows online visitors of all ages to look at the stars and planets in ways normally only available to scientists. MESO also includes museum-grade exhibits, scientific equipment, and interaction with scientists and educators, creating a science centre on wheels during the daytime. While at night, it transforms to an observatory hosting stargazing parties that explore the universe.

    Through digital link-ups to Hong Kong and around the world, MESO offers real-time virtual star parties, science demonstrations, and cutting edge science education for schools, museums, and community events. These opportunities excite and motivate young people to further explore science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects.

    MESO’s mission is to engage participants in scientific inquiry and allow them to experience first-hand what it is to be a scientist, to use scientific instruments and to make observations of our world and beyond. The scientists and educators that bring MESO to life include researchers in astrophysics, engineering, chemistry, education, astronomy, physics, and geology.

  • Prof Alice Wong

  • Dr Stephanie Ma