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  • Static Ghosts

    Learn how some spooky pictures can be moved with the help of static electricity. Scientists from the Royal Institution of Great Britain will show you how to conduct your own experiment and explore for yourself the wonderful science of static electricity, which makes things move without touching them and behave in ways they’re not supposed to!

  • Fizzics Education (AU)

    Fizzics Education is a leading Australian science education provider of interactive science workshops and shows, specialising in engaging, hands-on STEM content.

    Company founder and CEO Ben Newsome is a Churchill Fellow specialising in Science Education via Video Conference as well as the founding member of Virtual Excursions Australia, a non-profit organisation started in 2012. Ben is also a member of the leadership team for the International Society for Technology in Education Interactive Video Conferencing group. Fizzics Education has a continuous relationship with DART Connections, an initiative by the New South Wales Department of Education and Communities unit, providing quality video conferencing excursions for schools from our dedicated audio-visual studio as well as international programmes with the Centre for Collaborative and Interactive Learning.

  • Science Sam (CA)

    Neuroscientist, Science Communicator, and Digital Media Producer Dr Samantha Yammine (Science Sam) loves talking about anything science, anywhere and everywhere. Samantha has created space for continued, multi-way dialogue about science that transcends geographical borders and the traditional gate-keeping of academia. Samantha has hosted a livestream with an astronaut aboard the International Space Station, presented her research on the streets at Toronto’s busiest intersection, talked ringside with Muay Thai fighters about performance anxiety, and showed off model and real brains at 1am in a Yurt during an all-night art festival. She leads interactive workshops on science communication, personal branding, and social media to teach scientists and STEM professionals the skills they need to share their science creatively.
  • The Gastronaut (UK)

    Gastronaut is a food and science media company run by food adventurer Stefan Gates, a writer and TV presenter renowned for his love of quirky culinary quests and extraordinary food adventures. Stefan performs live science shows at Festivals and schools all over the UK with concepts such as Fartology, Weirdology, Chocolatolgy and his most popular long running show the Gastronaut. He has written eight books, including his latest two beings Fartology: The Extraordinary Science behind the human fart and Science You Can Eat: Putting what we eat under the microscope.
  • Science Made Simple (UK)

    Science Made Simple is a social enterprise based at Cardiff University offering inspirational and educational experiences at schools and events. Their mission is to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers, to engage the wider public with STEM as part of popular culture, and to strengthen connection between researchers and the public. They do this by training professional science communicators for high quality science shows.
  • Eddie Goldstein (US)

    From writing and performing science shows at the world-famous Smithsonian Institution, Eddie Goldstein went on to launch the highly acclaimed Science Performing Program at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where he was a senior educator for 23 years. A Columbia University graduate with a background as a professional magician, always-entertaining Eddie has performed his Magical Math and Science Show around the globe. He also conducts science-performing workshops at museums internationally, sharing the skills he has honed over many years, so that other professional educators can learn new tools for spreading the joy of science.
  • Anturus (UK)

    Anturus Education, from the UK, aims to bring the science of the outdoors into the classroom. With interactive science shows and workshops, hands-on resources and video calls from the field, Anturus shows the wonders of the natural world through engaging and thought-provoking experiences for all. The Anturus team also uses their experience in the outdoors, science and film to make educational films and content that can be used in the classroom or just for science enthusiasts.
  • Fizz, Pop, Wow!

    You know something great is going to happen when Steve Spangler has to cover his kitchen science lab in plastic! In this show, we will experiment with chemical reactions to create carbon dioxide gas to make things fizz, pop and explode and learn the secret to create the famous explosive Elephant’s Toothpaste reaction. You will not believe what is hiding in a can of soda or your breakfast cereal, and how your knowledge of density and a little creativity will make a bowling ball float in water, but your critical thinking skills will lead you to an incredible discovery. Get ready to explore some amazing science you can do yourself… and some things you will want to try at a friend’s home!
  • The Right Question Changes Everything!

    “The right question changes everything. Our next cure, our next technology, our next revolutionary change… will come from a question that has never been asked. Wonder changes the world.” - Jason Latimer

    World-renowned magician and science educator Jason Latimer blends science and magic, making the impossible possible through Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). Whether it’s turning objects invisible, shaping water, impossible geometry, or making magic take place through the screen, Latimer will show how “The right question changes everything!”

  • Science of Sweets

    Join Stefan Gates, his daughter Poppy, and his cat Cheeky as they blow apart the world of sweets! This is a demo-packed show featuring weird and wonderful edible chemical reactions, vortex cannons, sugar explosions, glowing drinks and fireworks made from cereal. The show is packed with edible chemistry, biology and physics and there are loads of demos you can try at home... plus a few you really can’t!